Sample Syllabi

Please contact me if you would like to see or discuss syllabi for Miami University courses, including “Foundations of Production,” “Film Theory,” “Comparative Approaches to Media Studies,” “Documentary Production,” “Film Genres: Star Wars and Science Fiction,” and “Film History and Analysis.”

Downloadable syllabi from my years at UCLA include:

UCLA African-American Studies/Chicana/o Studies, Winter 2014, Syllabus for “Diasporic Nonfiction: Media Engagements with Memory and Displacement”

UCLA Urban Planning/Disability Studies, Spring 2014, Syllabus for “Documentary Production for Social Change: Mobility in Los Angeles”

UCSD Communication, Summer 2013, Syllabus for “How to Read a Film”

UCSD Communication, Spring 2012, Syllabus for “Performance and Cultural Studies”


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